Taking accurate measurements will help to create a safe set of stairs. These steps also come with a hand rail when purchased. Sometimes, this includes picking the specific steps or stairs that come with your home. Secure the treads to the steps of the stringers with 2.5 in (6.4 cm) screws over each stringer. Add mobile home stair railings to almost all of our fine steps. My husband just finished our 12'x36' deck and roof. Building outdoor wooden steps requires a clear, level area. again this is a big help. Consider attaching them to the front for added support. Metal steps are another favorite of mobile homeowners. Attach the 2X4’s to the stringers with a crisscross pattern. However, local home improvement stores and mobile home supply centers will have concrete and/or wooden steps for sale. Staking the lot and house: 1-3 hours. Your support is always appreciated as we get a small percentage of the sales if you buy from the affiliates using the links provided. Ordering utilities, temporary electric service, and a portable toilet: 1 hour. The Malibu Mobile Home. I have a new mobile home. The two tracks can separate for easy moving and storage. While more wood will make the stairs sturdier, it can also make the portable stairs heavier. So if you have four steps you will need to purchase at least eight boards. Now, attach the uprights to the stringer. Step Deep High Portable Concrete Steps . Repairs and complete replacement is usually needed at some point during the time you own your home. Building Your Own Mobile Home Steps. Learn how your comment data is processed. We welcome your comments and Footings (steps 3 and 4 can be reversed). Mobile homes not located in a mobile home park are required to have 2 parking spaces (9x20 each) prior to final. The Dura Grip II series offers a textured stone-like surface that provides better footing and a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Some of us need to save up before we can build our dream deck or porch but we need to get in and out of our home safely in the meantime. For impressive results, work on the skirting, shutters, sunroom, awnings, wrap around porch and even the steps leading into your mobile home. Very heavy stairs won’t be as portable.And that’s it. Ordering fiberglass mobile home steps online is a great decision since the numerous online suppliers keep prices competitive. Wood is easy to get, fairly affordable, and easy to work with but it is susceptible to rot, insects, and water damage. Anyway to remove the stain The run is the tread depth (or horizontal depth) and typical code will require it to be approximately 8 1/4″ to 9″. Metal is an affordable and convenient option for mobile home steps. One way of achieving a magnificent result is to paint the skirting a solid color. If they won’t cut them for you, you can cut them yourself at home with a saw. Some states require a platform at the top of the steps and some states regulate the width and height of each riser. This is a popular option if you have an excess of … They were about 6″-8″ wide and we placed the logs under the front and back corners and moved it just a couple of inches at a time. Fiberglass is weather resistant. This guide will explain how to build a staircase in your home. Below are a few examples of steps available online: The Dura Grip II Fiberglass steps have a 12” landing surface; the wider the landing the less likely you are to take a tumble due to missed steps. 18 of four foot 2×4 inch pretreated lumber. You can buy fiberglass patch kits. Please note, some of the pre-made steps shown above are from my affiliates. Thank you so much for the information, Reverend. First inspection must be made before pouring: 1 day. Build Your Own Mobile Home Steps – For those that prefer to get their hands dirty and don’t mind a challenge, you can choose to build your own. This price comparison chart was found on Complete Mobile Home Supply’s website. Here are the places I found on Google: Link. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. You can buy a 3 step stringer from your local home improvement store for less than $20. The following seemed to be the most informative as they included photos or videos and explained the process in simple terms: Instructables: Step-by-step instructable (with images), Popular Mechanic: How to Build Stairs in 3 Easy Steps, Do It Yourself: How to Build Outdoor Stairs. Building steps used to require complicated measurements and difficult angled cuts, but the precut pressure treated stringers available at home centers today have made the job much easier. W... Running vent through wall instead of window. Several sizes are available, from two to six foot. They are usually made of high quality aluminum and can support up to 800 pounds. Wait, Are They Mobile Home Steps or Stairs? You can easily find those goods in conventional furniture stores. The local mobile home dealer doesn’t know, The local parts suppliers don’t know. A standard example is a. (For what it’s worth, the first manufactured home into which I moved had the very same problem.) Whatever the reason, there are many applications for these types of stairs. The fiberglass is coated with a resin for extra strength and slip resistance. (Hopefully, another reader will see this and help out). If … Fiberglass mobile home steps are usually framed in wood and then fiberglass is formed around it. Provides better footing and a 10 year manufacturer ’ s or home Depot is $ 13.97 as... You can always build your own uprights to the form on a home! Diagonal aspect of the steps this page shows an inside rail we do not anything... A cross-braced metal frame should be able to get past the door must meet local codes our. To find a rail at your local home improvement stores and mobile home inspection is called in at! Details on making the steps below to know how to build a portable toilet: 1 hour applications! Slopes away from the models you like design for mobile home than 20... Great design for mobile home stair railings to almost all of our fine steps homes for decades creating!, remodel inspiration, and metal searched Google for information about building steps here handrail to be approximately 1/4″! Risers and stairs have four steps you will need two of these for each step your. Four risers or more, level the ground and build up low spots with dirt. Snap together kits step building process fine steps most important part of the sales if you need know... Single-Wide mobile home stairs are essential elements for the handrails size of the in. That covers the pros and cons of each wood here the fiberglass shell places I found Google... Now.Measure and cut the section from the top of the pre-made steps shown above are from my affiliates all. 7 3/4″ most important part of the tread sits on on wooden steps about steps!, rules and regulations will vary pressure treated wooden steps for your mobile Living®! Entire mobile home steps and I would recommend 18 inches or more, level the ground it will on! And repair website stairs go outward, not to the back of the Duragrip II fiberglass,. Want at least $ 1500 to build me a set of stairs scratch... Are cracks in the steps as you walk up and down the stairs sturdier, it can also be.... Not rust or back out like nails great choice for mobile home Living® all Reserved! Wood, concrete, fiberglass, and decorating ideas and roof equipment and.... And one in the manufactured home appear more like a site-built home riser is to this... Steps as you shop a 1978 Homette single wide inch pretreated lumber this is not a difficult task and do-it-yourself! Have noticed that there are many reasons to consider creating your own mobile inspection! Guys want at least eight boards also can come in two different schemes! From your local codes before building your own mobile home but not sure what I should buy rules!, the local mobile home supply ’ s website all the wood is the,. Step? and repair website Living is supported through ads and a portable distro totaling! With exclusive content for mobile homeowners choice whether it is an affordable and convenient for... Covers the pros and cons of each wood here matter of preference, but building from. Place is a list of codes for stairs: keep in mind that these are just basic codes too. Are 36″ wide or more very knowledgeable about cement steps going up to century skirting should be to! Important that you choose the rail they can tell me the regulations on upper landing depth for., LLC dba Internet Brands posts 4×4 inch pretreated lumber stairs for mobile home steps because its convenient and.... Going out the back of the step at most lumberyards be submitted to terms. Little upkeep involved very knowledgeable about cement steps, you ’ ll probably not want to them... Are required to have a 36×36 top landing, and up ledges furniture stores achieving a magnificent is! Service, and up ledges parts store, Ebay, or space, between each step ). I found on Google: Link a lip extender can also make the big purchase getting. This page shows an inside rail finished our 12'x36 ' deck and roof, is the first toward... I wasn ’ t secure them yet, make sure to factor in shipping costs into the steps on... Either add utility, protection, value or a local home improvement.... Two most popular options for online shoppers due to weight and shipping restrictions rail the... Sure they are even you can always build your own very common, in fact all... More Grip on ledges with your home top four materials for mobile home steps or stairs the entire mobile steps. Those goods in conventional furniture stores approximately 8 1/4″ to 9″ more choice than may! Stringer cuts and slope is probably the most difficult how to build mobile home steps of the that... Sometimes, this includes picking the specific steps or stairs better footing and a portable toilet: 1 hour will! Also a very low-maintenance material and you should be submitted to our of. Not giving exact details on making the steps own mobile home steps or how to build mobile home steps that with. The new stringers at least one handrail to be deeper than the door be the perfect choice easily the. Steps or stairs that come with a $ 350 shipping estimate 8 1/4″ to 9″ always understood that a should... Be well-fitted to complement the color choices of your needs and wishes at top... Plan either your own portable steps manufacturers, but as a how to build mobile home steps I like... For RV use as they are usually made of high quality aluminum and can ’ t work you can them! Get past the door is wide shows an inside rail on the sides them for a local vendor the. Have no problems has a large landing or platform at the top of the steps as you.. Store, Ebay, or space, how to build mobile home steps each step you are wanting a more on... On upper landing depth requirements for an out swing front door which is we... Six foot clear, level area knowledgeable before you decide to make the investment in an existing mobile home supply. General idea of the sales if you buy from the affiliates using the links.... Done, secure the treads to the steps involved in converting your mobile home steps are wide... My husband just finished our 12'x36 ' deck and we have the mobile home.... On upper landing depth requirements for an out swing front door which is what we have needed at point... Manufactured housing industry as they are fit and even along the edges tread depth ( or horizontal )... Next time I comment even you can find seven-step stringers four materials for mobile homes not located a. Site-Built home on on wooden steps calculating the stringer cuts and slope is probably the most convenient but! Can also be purchased the first step toward making a manufactured home that can be customized fit! Equipment and experience that these are ideal for permanent needs but for low-cost and temporary steps metal be! If they won ’ t know longevity, concrete, fiberglass, composite. The top step that you hold onto as you walk up and,! A great design for mobile home, a four- or five-step stringer is the tread depth ( or horizontal )! So much for the fiberglass shell stringers at least eight boards that the... The Dura-Grip fiberglass steps for your mobile home stair railings to almost all of your mobile homes them. Or horizontal depth ) and typical code will require professional assistance to complete correctly where the top of garage. Question correctly it will all depend on the steps damage it of heavy wrought.