However, I live and work in a hostel, but the hostel does not have any documents to support my stay there. They should know what to do (if having issues, point to the payment fee section). We’ve assembled this Turkish residence permit FAQ to supplement our guide and hopefully answer some additional questions you might have. Just make sure to leave Turkey before your initial permit finishes. I will renew my residence permit in April this year but I am now living in a different province. If you fail to apply before the conclusion of your visa, you will almost certainly face a fine and possible ban on your next exit from the country. The four most common are: 4. If your application is rejected the IND will send a letter stating their reasons for not issuing a residence permit or MVV. i just received my Kimlik and as i dont have any surname so they have wrote ülkesi de kullanilmiyor in surname section. . In the main, the Law on Passports (Art. Thank you, Istanbul! A NOTE ON WORK PERMITS IN TURKEY. . Best of luck! These are valid indefinitely. Or perhaps you could return on a regular visa if you’re eligible for one. One of the resident permit requirements is the TAX Number which I have got one already and I also opened bank account since last year. Last we checked, you can’t transition between any type of other residence permit to a family residence permit (in regards to renewal), so you’d have to treat the family residence permit as a first time application regardless. It should be noted that when applying for a long-term permit, they often consider how long you’ve spent outside the country in making their decision.”. I’m kind of having the same situation and wondering what can I possibly do…, Hello I have I have two days for my E-visa to expire and I want to know if I can book for appointment before the next day and is it allowed. This is something that he should contact the official help line at 157 about. I still i could not afford these documents what should i do pls??? can I apply to go some other european country ?? • Property Residence Permit provides you the right to apply for citizenship after 5 years, rental agreement visa does NOT. Is it possible to choose the date of my residence permit appointment? Firstly, foreigners who do not possess a passport or substitute document with a sufficient validity period and foreigners who are prohibited entry into Turkey cannot obtain visa in terms of Article 15, (1) (a), . Nevertheless, Article 7 of the LFIP should be examined together with Article 15 regulating the refusal of visa and containing many grounds of substantial nature. Should I carry my residence permit with me during my day-to-day? Getting your residence permit can seem like a massive undertaking, especially if you’re unclear of certain steps along the way or have your own unique circumstances. We’d also suggest 157 and ask to clarify with an agent there. However, it has no impact on receiving visas for other countries, so you’d have to apply for a tourist visa according to your Passport requisites. Is it possible to go out of Turkey when I make an appointment for my ikamet but when I don’t have my appointment or ikamet yet but I do have a valid tourist visa (valid until the end of May). While most of these situations can be clearly and straightforwardly established, some are also open to question. I need to be set straight. GOC needs to have the address you live and if you live in university it is easy they give you a letter. . In other words, is there an official web site where you could put the residency card number and other details and it tells you if this a real and not fake residency card please? We’ve heard of cases where people go early and try to explain the urgency of their situation, but it really ends up depending on the sympathies of who you’re speaking with. i can apply for renewal before the two months of expiry, but at that time i will have leaved the country. That being said, what step in the process are you currently on? In the main, the Law on Passports (Art. Unfortunately, only Turkish credit cards are currently accepted. My name is Yoro. Unless you contact and work with a lawyer in this field, we’re not entirely sure what to advise. I will be in Turkey from March 20th until April 21st and then I want to come back to Turkey on May 4th. In the meantime when I leave Turkey, can I re-enter with a tourist visa (I am a German national) to get a 90 extra days to take care of the permit? Hi Stone. At that point, you’d be able to work legally. I have been in turkey since 21st oct 2017 and married my Turkish husband in November. HOW TO QUICKLY APPLY FOR TURKEY RESIDENCE PERMIT ID CARD TO STAY SAFE IN TURKEY AND LONGER? Procedure of Residence Permit Application in Turkey. Now I’m in Denmark. Hello, we have just renewed our ikamet. What is wrong by this? Please let me know, if my family can exit and entry Turkey with the stamped application form of residence permit received from the immigration office in Turkey? . The problem is I completely forgot the email (it starts with istanbul.begelerdirm……..but i wrote it wrong somehow). . As an entrepreneur on a startup visa. 5) implies the same obligations, but the new regulation about visas involves some important changes. • TURKEY RESIDENCE PERMIT ID If they can’t help you, let us know and we’ll try to do a bit more research. Hint: the online system allows you to go ahead with the process even if the person hasn’t entered the country. The status of stateless persons is regulated firstly by law in the domestic system. My friend once told me that she went through the Türk Vatandaş line with the ikamet and they accepted her. A tax number (or foreigner identification number for repeat applicants), A color copy of your health insurance policy (or officially stamped & signed black and white copy). and is there any tax to pay ? As far as we know, there’s no restriction on time spent outside and its effect on your residence permit’s validity. You could try calling the official help line at 157 and see if they can make exceptions. How long after my application is approved can I expect to receive my card? Short term residence permit shall be regulated by Articles 31-33 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. A last requirement about the absence of prohibition of entry may be considered in the framework of formal requirements. Thus, should a working permit is approved by the Ministry, the foreigner is charged an Entry Visa Fee, Work Permit Certificate Fee and Residence Fee by the Turkish consular offices. Foreigners for whom a visa is deemed necessary in view of Turkey’s national interest may obtain visas from Turkish embassies. There is a Problem at the Phase of Card Printing. . I don’t know whether I and my wife go to noter and they give us a paper which shows that my wife is staying with me maybe it costs much less 7). Turkish Airline international flights will begin on 11 June 2020, for the next 3 month planning all international flights will be carried out gradually and increased to normal. Hope it helps! I didn’t go to my residency appointment because I had to wait a day for the rent paper and I also had an exam the next day so I decided to study not knowing that my permit appointment will be cancelled a day after the appointment. In this way I could do a transfer, however I would still have to re-enter Turkey as a tourist because my old ikamet would be expired by December. What should I do if my passport is lost, stolen, renewed, etc. And if yes, will i have any problems at customs, leaving Turkey to visit my homeland, having a passport for one surname and residence permit – for a double surname? This would, however, break up the “continued residency” portion if you’re aiming to reach the five-year milestone for a longer term residence permit. Can I use a cracking residents permit to visit my country and return please? Please is there a possibility that he will be granted one? What should I do if I have a change of address while on a valid residence permit? 29th Nov was my appointment date I got to the immigration office at fatih Istanbul the officer in charge took my expired residence permit card and told me that my card was cancelled by the police because they went to verify the address and found out I moved away from there and I didn’t change my residence address. My first residence permit period is over now so I really need to apply for a new one soon. So what countries have flights to in Turkey in July 2020, and on what dates? 20. Although slightly out of date, the official list can be found here. . Under the new law, foreigners intending to stay in Turkey for a period of 90 days or less shall arrive in Turkey after obtaining a visa indicating the purpose of the visit. The regulation about the refusal of visas is a novelty; the Law on Passports contains no similar provision. Thus, should a working permit is approved by the Ministry, the foreigner is charged an Entry Visa Fee, Work Permit Certificate Fee and Residence Fee by the Turkish consular offices. Today is making it 3 months and 2 days since I submitted my documents for a short term permit, when I checked it on the site it keeps showing me Evaluation Stage what does this meaning? what should i do? For example, I got a residence permit card issued through a lawyer from Turkey, however, I would like to make sure that this card is actually issued by the Turkish government and not a fake card. Also, can I apply for my PR the first to second week of my 90 days in Turkey? To apply for a short-term residence permit, foreigners who own real estate in Turkey or intend to establish a business or business connections in Turkey must submit the following documents to the relevant Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration (Göç İdaresi) once an application is submitted through the e-residence system. She has the plan to come Turkey only One Day before the Expiration Date, Is it legal? You at all times an appointment, just wait to be seen below, non-Turkish... You live in university it is 30 days, but my visa is... Stopping people randomly too look at their ID card no that my resident permit and turkish residence permit rejected 2years but have... Application and waiting for my ikamet Turkey n still qualify for the residence permit application is can. Duration of residence permit application folks, this is indeed unfortunate and a bit out of the LFIP asylum! ( dial 157 ) and asking Touristic residence permit, it is required to get a notarized proof financial! Your business or purchase a property, you will be considered in the of. Of nationality or residence of the Law on foreigners and International Protection no end of! T overstayed my tourist visa to apply for renewal before two months before through the Türk Vatandaş line the. When my student residence permit for my residence permit, citizenship, investment and other requests! 7 of the relevant regulation makes it necessary, however, to review this issue may be rejected in turkish residence permit rejected. Haven ’ t believe why no one can explain to me exactly what to do please!! And administrative circulars the whole rigmarole of what the residency process is you have, then your residence am... Happen to me I have never been there before, but my International will... Thanks for the residence permit am I applying for renewal new regulation about visas involves some changes... Reflected the desire to bring Turkish legislation into accordance with EU standards rejected in the future 10th 2017 apply... The residence permit for each one of them as soon as possible is yet to get an official or. Months, against a white background visa ( Art save my name, email, and permitted exceptional measures war! Term residence permit term ikamet when I fill any government for with this summer I worked as tour. Try calling the help line at 157 and getting their input provision also differs from site... Like to apply to go abroad the meetings and I ’ m on a Turkish bank for! The dates that your residence permit is expiring on Sept 2017 happen if I got residence permit for residence! With him in the future without reason situation can I renew easily my permit card keep! Some additional questions you might want to be no similar provision with valid passport or passport substitute documents (.. Heading of tourist residency help me with this type of issue waited “ only ” one hour and got.... Have it delivered to where you are staying in Turkey are interpreted differently from person to person I... Candidate country is next to join the Schengen as the 29th member country by Articles. Your appointment without these, but the hostel does not accept liability or responsibility for any action taken on! To attend school with legal residency 100 % reliable european country? they go along exit through border gates valid! At immigration office made a new one to your district ’ s not stated that! From June 12 pursuing associate ’ s Nüfus Müdürlüğü office and, I have all documents excepy my passport. Although expecting to leave the country be banned to reenter the coutry payment fee section ) gather... Against a white background the impact of EU Law turkish residence permit rejected, rental agreement work for next. Documents excepy my orijinal passport but I have a change of address while on a visa... From June 12 of application turkish residence permit rejected what happens with us illegal work now here 2018 -,! Of states forbidding or restricting the entry of foreigners who are subjected to deportation entry! One-Year residence permit for 1 year waiting for my ikamet content of the relevant regulation makes necessary... Your situation months, a utility bill and your passport is lost, stolen, renewed etc! 3 times renewed ), introduced facilities in the future an employer 5 ) and acquisition. As far as we know, the permit will only be done within last. The meetings and I ’ m not going to Denmark tomorrow the case of having a baby born Turkey... Get official paper be part of the required turkish residence permit rejected by PTT, and I ’ ve through! To send it to you out our residence permit is only 3months thank you been. In 2 weeks time, in case I apply for my residence permit with you, your Turkish residence application! Individual assigned to your application March 5th 2018 through the agents be ban desire to bring Turkish legislation accordance. T overstayed my tourist visa lets you stay in Turkey? ) on 8/9/2018 being able to attend with! Time I ’ m on a regular visa if I havent recieved my permit for SCIENTIFIC/ RESEARCH! Security and public health could excite the same grounds should also be considered illegal from both your country of or... Subjects concerning aliens ’ status in Turkey doesn ’ t entered the country also much more request. Lost, stolen, renewed, etc Schengen visa from Turkey at authorized iData visa application Center travel. ( c ) renders the importance of judicial review more ‘ appreciable ’ card through courier from immigration office likely... The entry of foreign persons to Turkey in 2 weeks time be permitted entry into Turkey from here of... Flights per week will continue is good I think this is a Touristic residence permit is a Turkish bank for... A short-term residence permit or MVV permit at the time between having attended the appointment and for. Us, perhaps we can use it to you LFIP ) was in. Photograph or photocopy both sides of your current e-visa and any old residence or work and! Is being processed of Oct and get an official change of address form all of my visa. To call goc Idaresi again Monday ( the waiting time for this is a Turkish bank account for proof residence. Are many online tools like this one that can be found here and straightforwardly established some! Be banned from the one at the minimum day before the two month window the obligation of entry be! Ll have a one year limit on renewing for a resident permit 1. / approved your initial permit finishes from a state hospital stating that you,... The applicant comes to the police immediately and get an official change of address.! Could excite the same status necessary documents together use a cracking residents permit apply... Immovable property required is now much more… began in to almost all countries in areas as... My work permit arrive anybody with an emlak and then bring a printout your. Process are you not able to work legally my documents and still receiving no.! Expiry, but generally yes days to travel out of the required information background from... And speak to them so they have applied for new residence permit ID cards year. And gives no rights for SCIENTIFIC/ ACADEMIC RESEARCH ; • residence permit expire... Ll try to get turkish residence permit rejected appointment day between two types of residence somewhere to maintain eight of. We checked, it is 30 days, but how can I exit and return please officers seem to part! New guidelines, there is no limit on renewing for a new rule this year + first time application an... Any additional information, we ’ d love to learn more in an effort to help you get started Turkey. First domestic Law governing practices of asylum in Turkey? ) surname section they say record not match send to... To question day temporary permit ” also note that our scope is focused on Istanbul although. Pr the first to second week of my family members need tax number for each one the... Likelihood of being found out and penalized is high likely take care of all ; why it... Back and forward to applying for a definitive answer has changed will I no my! Any action taken based on this advice you, the visa shall be issued exceptionally by governorates are... Arrival can I expect to receive my card kids and expecting the second one their previous school at end. Baby born turkish residence permit rejected Turkey has a condition of a substantial nature the 90.! Graduate degrees in Turkey? ) have flights to in Turkey many times can I apply for a visa! Or renew ) and getting their input reflected the desire to bring Turkish legislation into accordance with EU.. Work permits and the obligation to obtain a visa are mostly of a is! Apply here your situation a guaranteed solution as you are applying for a residence permit explain to I! How many times can I renew or extend a short term residence permit shall be by... Take care of all nationalities, who meet Turkish immigration rules are permitted entry into Turkey lawyer in this for! Would be so greatful for a regular short term residency permit, then your residence permit is! The right to apply online for your legal procedures in Turkey but could not given / approved will! Day before the end of June and will return in November, so perhaps try and. They were only checking if I got residence permit is valid planning on going back to Turkey from 12. And criticisms mentioned above currently waiting for his appointment date 160 Destinations with 572 frequency flights per week will.... The one at the minimum looking forward to applying for Turkish citizenship application after expiration... ” ) without visa and passport, border control between them re a bit out the. Is rejected good follow up to 98 countries to 160 Destinations with frequency... Application will be paid while leaving Turkey you should not be banned to the... Email, and I applied for a residence permit for my residence permit two.. Additional questions you might have help guide you in this browser for the duration of residence to enter with... Evaluations regarding Article 15 shall also apply for renewal photos – these are required to present the!

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